A theatrical walk for groups of up to 100 persons.

We all know the works of William Shakespeare…. Right? But who can say they truly know them? Two passionate actors take the audience for a walk and perform with their help one of his famous tragedies.
This walk imparts a small piece of theatrical knowledge to the group in an easy going and highly comical manner. Providing all who partake with a completely new understanding of this time-honoured story. Elements from the surroundings enhance an already unique experience. Murder, love, ambition and jealousy. This can only go smoothly if you enjoy it to the fullest. And to completely rule out any accidents and feelings of revenge, all props like swords and crowns are made from cardboard.
Joyce van Esch and Norbert Busschers have plenty of experience of engaging the audience in their plot in an irresistible manner.
A short route is first agreed with the festival organisers. This could run through a park, the woods or through an industrial estate. All the required props will already be hidden there. Three groups of 100 can be managed in a day. Minimum age is 12. While children from 6 years of age can enjoy the performances from the side-lines in the company of their parents. It takes 30 to 40 minutes depending on the festival schedule. No further technical equipment is required but we do need a clearly marked starting point on the terrain. The walk takes place beyond the hustle and bustle of the festival. And everybody will be really gone for a bit.

The spring and autumn of 2020 will see the realisation of a medium-sized square-production that brings together theatre, circus and live music. An audience upwards of 800 can follow a current version of a well-known story. About 5 actors, self-supporting and in amongst the audience. A glimpse of what to expect follows this summer.



Norbert Busschers
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